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The differences between Original toner, OEM toner and remanufactured toner

OEM toner cartridge is basically an original product manufactured by the same company as the printer. Lets take HP for instance, if you are an owner of a Hewlett-Packard printer, then the Hewlett-Packard brand is the OEM cartridge for your printer. Although costing less than genuine alternatives, OEM cartridges are generally fail-proof and provides sheer quality in performance wise.

So, you have bought a third party cartridge, that does not mean that it is not an OEM cartridge. The term OEM cartridge means that no matter the manufacturer, be it HP or another company out there that is selling legal and certified cartridge, they are also labelled as selling original and OEM cartridge of their own brand. However, the above is only applicable when for instance, if you are purchasing from ABC company who manufactures their own cartridge under their own brand, and is a certified and legal cartridge retailer, then they are labelled as OEM genuine cartridges.

Compatible printer cartridge is just like generic car parts. It is manufactured by third party companies that have no connection to the original manufacturer. Every part found in the compatible cartridge are all made up of new compatible parts. As you might expect, some compatible inks are inferior to OEM inks. Even so, the quality of these compatible cartridges are similar to genuine cartridges.

This is why it is important that you take your time identifying compatible ink cartridges that offers high quality and manufactured by trusted sellers. So for those who are looking to save on cost, you should keep an eye on good quality compatible cartridges as it does not only saves you money but compatibles would give you more than what you have paid.

A cheaper alternative to an original cartridge. From what its’ called, I guess you can already guess what kind of cartridge is a re-manufactured cartridge. Re-manufactured cartridge is made when a manufacturer acquires an original and genuine cartridge, disassembles it, tests and & replaces any worn parts, fills it again with ink and it is as good as new. Keep in mind however, the quality of the re-manufactured cartridge depends hugely on the manufacturer, whether good or bad.

Unfortunately, there are companies out there that labels their cartridges as “re-manufactured” when all they did was simply refilling the empty cartridge with toner. Therefore, it is vital for you to buy re-manufactured cartridges from trusted manufacturers.

One other advantage of using a re-manufactured cartridge is that it is sort of a similar practice on using recycled brown paper bags rather than plastic bags when you are shopping. To simplify it, this process is basically recycling old cartridges for better and cheaper use rather than increasing waste to the environment.


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There are some rumours about Mc Ocean Holding is doing some ilegal MLM activities, below are some information getting from the news. (Malay Version)

Soal Dan Jawab Untuk Mc Ocean

S: MC OCEAN tidak memiliki lesen jualan langsung/lesen jualan langsung telah luput

J: Lesen jualan langsung kami bernombor AJL 931963 dan sah laku untuk tempoh 20.08.2013-19.08.2016.Isu lesen MC OCEAN yang tertimbul di Internet adalah satu isu yang dibangkitkan sebelum bulan Ogos 2013, kerana pada masa itu kami mengalami kelewatan dalam pembaharuan lesen akibat daripada beberapa masalah teknikal. Namun, lesen kami telah diperbaharui dan isu tersebut tidak lagi wujud.

S: MC OCEAN mengamalkan skim piramid (PyramidScheme) untuk mengaut keuntungan dengan menjual keahlian.

J: Kami tidak mungkin diberi lesen jualan langsung sama sekali sekiranya kami mengamalkan skim piramid.Kami menjual produk-produk kesihatan dan pemakanan, seperti Enertri, EIonizer, Alkurma, Ener369 dan lain-lain.Produk-produk kami juga mendapat pengesyoran dan sokongan yang diberikan oleh lebih daripada seratus orang doktor bahawa amat membantu dalam memperbaiki tekanan darah tinggi, kencing manis dan sebagainya. Produk kami bukan sahaja memenuhi spesifikasi Halal , malah model perniagaan kami juga diperakui olehi Jawatankuasa Syariah (Syariah Panel).


S: MC OCEAN tidak membenarkan ahli-ahli untuk mengembalikan produk-produk yang dibeli.

J: Kami mematuhi Akta Jualan Langsung dan Skim Anti-Piramid 1993 di mana ahli-ahli dibenarkan untuk mengembalikan produk-produk tanpa syarat dalam tempoh bertenang selama 10 hari dan diberi bayaran balik 100%.Di samping itu, kami juga membenarkan pengembalian bersyarat dalam 180 hari (bonus dan perbelanjaan yang berkaitan haruslah ditolak). Perkara-perkara ini telah diterangkan dengan jelas semasa ahli-ahli memohon keahlian masing-masing. (Lihat peraturan 9 dan 10 dalam rajah di bawah)

Oleh itu, jika seseorang berkata beliau telah membeli produk dan tidak dibenarkan untuk mengembalikan produk, sudah tentu dia bukan ahli MC OCEAN.


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Lighting Supplier in Malaysia

HOS is a leading supplier of Lighting in Malaysia. We offers widest selection of Modern, Contemporary and Designer Lighting fixtures, lamps and chandeliers in Malaysia. At HOS, we have a passion for great design. Lighting is in our blood and we have put together a collection of truly iconic and designer products that will enhance any space. We understand that lighting can transform not just the visual impact of a room but also creates ambiance.


As a professional lighting shop Malaysia, our products are catering to the homeowner, designer, contractor, or developer, our specialized departments provide the expertise to guide your lighting experience from start to finish.Our commitment to service does not end with the purchase; you can count on a helpful and knowledgeable staff before and especially after each purchase. It is also our aim to populate the site with the most up to date and comprehensive selection of quality products on the market today.

We are expert in various type of residential and commercial use lightings, For more information, please visit : www.hos.com.my

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