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Warehouse and Storage Management

iHub Solutions started business in 2000 and is a leading customized warehouse services provider in Asia today. We operate physical warehouses and combine this with our expertise in information technology to develop software that is customized to the needs of our customers. In short, our strength is in warehouse management, deep knowledge of the products that we handle and logistics software which we develop and own.

We specialize in the warehousing and inventory management of products in Furniture (home, office and kitchen), Retail, Automotive, Sales & Marketing Premiums, Fashion & Lifestyle, Telecommunications, Medical, etc. products. We currently operate five facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai with a dedicated information network linking the sites.


iHub uses a Warehouse Management called iLEX or iHub Logistics Execution system, which is built on a two-tier architecture. This system is able to communicate to the Radio Frequency (RF) Base station for operations that require this technology. Automatic Storing and Retrieving System (ASRS) is also supported in this system via Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) connection.

Workstations within the network can communicate to the database server of iLEX, using a database client.

The Warehouse management system uses the most standard interface solution which is the flat file interface mechanism. It can interface to any other external host if necessary, clear-cut and without interference, to the structure of the system.

Other solutions such as logistic management enable our customers to manage their inventories and orders easily, the VLS or Virtual Logistics System is created. It is a web-based business interface which provides our customers with a real-time, customized web-based inventory management control system.

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